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Welcome to The Whole You

The body is an amazing and complex organism, having great recuperative ability.
At The Whole You, we help you understand and support the body's natural healing processes, to enhance health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

The beginning journey to a more optimum level of wellness starts with education. We need to see the body as a whole, not as a collection of isolated parts. The body's innate wisdom will also strive towards health and wholeneess.

We need to see the symptoms for what they are, not necessarily as a manifestation of disease which must be attacked, but as a process striving for an integrated optimum functioning of our whole self.
Understood that way, flu-like symptoms can indicate the body is trying to expell toxins from the body, which we are exposed to in multiple ways, some directly physically; in our food, water, air, personal care products, etc.
Other toxins can be produced by our emotional responses to fear-producing media messages which enforce the idea of our helplessnes, retained anger and resentments, isolation and loss of hope.

Living with integrity supports our body as well as our soul.


  • Craniosacral Therapy:
    • a gentle hands-on therapy derived from osteopathy, which has been helpful for injuries such as spinal injuries & concussion, stress-related issues, learning problems, AD/HD, autism and chronic conditions such as F.M.
  • Fascial/Visceral work:
    • working with the fascia/viscera to release adhesions/restrictions that may impede movement & circulation
  • Reflexology:
    • through massaging the feet or hands, the stimulation of nerve pathways in the feet/hands can have a beneficial effect on the whole body
  • Acupressure/Channel work:
    • working with the bio-electric fields of the body to release restrictions, improve function


The traditions of Western and Chinese herbalism embody a long history of knowledge and experience. Chinese herbal science also uses a complex but effective methodology for assessing the suitability of individual herbs (in formulas) for individual syndrome patterns.

Nutritional Issues

Assistance is also available for clients desiring more in-depth information and recommendations related to their particular dietary needs and issues, such as:
  • autism (gluten/dairy free)
  • celiac disease (gluten free)
  • allergies (a wide range of dietary allergies)
  • 'leaky gut'


Tutoring is available to help with reading and math, including children with learning challenges and/or ASD.

Scent Free

Our premises are scent-free. We use no synthetic scents of any kind. Please avoid the use of scented personal care products when coming for an appointment.

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