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About Us

Margaret Romanowitch

A former registered nurse, homeschooler and tutor, Margaret has had over 35 years direct experience in learning to address the rise of 'modern' disorders, including autoimmune issues, autism spectrum, AD/HD, etc.
  • Background education:
  • TCM Channel theory, acupressure
  • Herbology:
    • Western herbal traditions (various studies)
    • Classic Chinese herbal sciences (Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute)
  • Craniosacral therapy (Upledger Institute)
  • fascial & visceral manipulation (Barral Institute)
  • Reflexology
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Autism Intervener (Geneva Centre)
  • Experience homeschooling, tutoring (reading and math) children, including those with learning challenges.

We are each of us unique and complex, and as such the patterns of dis-ease or disfunction is also unique to each of us, though there are commonalities. Learning to understanding the factors that affect our health (body, mind and spirit) give us important tools for being pro-active in our path towards optimal health.