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About Us

Margaret Romanowitch

A former registered nurse, homeschooler and tutor, Margaret has had over 25 years direct experience in learning to address the rise of 'modern' disorders, including autoimmune issues, FM, CFS, autism spectrum, AD/HD, etc.
  • Background education:
  • TCM Channel theory
  • Herbology:
    • Western herbal traditions
    • Traditional Chinese herbal sciences (Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute)
  • Craniosacral therapy (Upledger Institute)
  • fascial & visceral manipulation (Barral Institute)
  • Reflexology
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Reiki
  • Autism Intervener (Geneva Centre)

The beginning journey to a more optimum level of wellness starts with education. We need to see the body as a whole, not as a collection of isolated parts. Understanding the factors that affect our health (body and mind) gives us the tools we need to be pro-active in the care of our bodies, and our journey towards optimal health.

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Paul Romanowitch

Paul has a passion for food, a discerning palate and a wide range of experience planning menus and cooking for people with special dietary needs. His experience includes a number of years taking cooking lessons, both at school and through private lessons, as well as working with clients to help them create nutritious and appealing menus for restricted diets.

Paul has a wealth of information to share and enjoys teaching people about dietary principles and food preparation, including special diets.

Private cooking lessons are available on request.